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Palestinian Voices From Gaza To The World.

We, the young people of Gaza, have suffered since the beginning of our lives under Israeli occupation. We have never tasted freedom. However, because we love to live, we will never give up. We will do whatever is possible to expose Israeli apartheid, war crimes and propaganda against us. We shall become Youth with Absolute Freedom — not just Youth Under Occupation.

This gave rise to the idea of establishing this blogger to share the stories of Gazans Youth to the world.

The blockade of Gaza imposed by Israeli occupation authorities and the Egyptian regime is a suffocating siege that we, the youth of Gaza, have had nothing to do with. For more than a decade, this blockade has been affecting all aspects of our life. It is an ongoing dilemma we face every day. It is getting worse and worse every day with no sign of hope. It creates hardships for every single resident, impacting every part of everyone’s life.

So this has led to considerable suffering and turmoil in Gazans Youth life, which made it as stories of pain, stories of resistance, stories of love, stories of death, stories of life, stories of struggle, whatever it was, for sure it’s has been lived by Gazans Youths.

This blogger “Youth From Gaza” will provide Gazans Youth the chance to tell their stories to the world, so we need your helping hand in supporting their stories, suffering, and pain they live through donating for them throughout the links will be found in their articles.

By your helping hand, you may give hope to someone.

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