Killing the smile, Israel kills children - Youth From Palestine

Youth From Palestine

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It's a question in my mind!

What did this little girl do to be slaughtered in this horrible way?

Like it's crimes precedent, Israel killed 18-month-old the child Sabba. Ended her life and kill her smile. It's not enough for Israel they also killed her pregnant mother and her unborn son.

Sabba and her mother with her unborn son were safe in their home while an Israeli warplane attacked their home without any warning to record a new crime in its criminal history. 

Israel must be prosecuted in International Criminal Court for this horrible crime.

The escalation is still ongoing, and the world is still silent. No one knows will he survive the Israeli crimes?!

1 comment:

  1. Are you for real? The Palestinians/Hamas has been bombing INNOCENT Israelis (Jews,Arabs,Christians etc. for decades.Get your facts right. The current rocket attacks by Hamas has triggered a response by the Israeli defense forces, as it always does. Hamas knows this. But Hamas doesn't care at all. Firing rockets from schools, hospitals their modus operandi. HAMAS IS PURE DIRT, SCUMBAG. You want Israeli reprisals to stop then stop Hamas. But that's not going to happen, is it? Still remember you people dancing in the streets, celebrating, when the twin towers went down in New York. Get your own house in order before you point your fingers at others. Remember, every action causes a reaction. Shame about the little child but HAMAS IS TO BLAME, NOT ISRAEL.