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The War's Ice Cream: Art from Gaza

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The Story

In the Gaza's War of 2014, Abu Youssef Al-Najar Hospital was bombed by the Israeli occupation warplanes. Injured and killed people were transferred to another hospital in the same city.

That hospital, which is Al-Kuwttiee private hospital, had no morgues, so they had to use ice cream freezers to save the dead bodies.

Dua' is a Palestinian artist from Gaza Strip creates ice-cream like was sculptures of children, illustrating those killed by IOF and kept in ice-cream freezers during the 2014 aggression.

The Artist

Dua' Qishta, conceptual artist, 28-year-old, live in Rafah City south of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Dua' said that as an artist, I thought it is extremely important to illustrate the children was sculptures. She added that I was guided by their views in the ice cream freezers to express the emotional ambivalent between something makes us cheerful and that makes us feel the pain and cruelty.

I wanted to uncover the Israeli crimes and practices against us, Dua's said. 

Dua' bought a freezer, which was used in the war where the killed children were kept.

To Trigger the memory of the audience, she said that I aimed to illustrate the suffering of the people of Gaza through this exhibition to show the world our insistence and strength facing such crisis and creating alternative solutions. 

To deliver a message to the people of the world. So, she paid the world's attention, Rafah City needs a hospital it is Rafah's right to have a hospital.

Pictures of her Art

A video for her by QNN

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