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Finally, the world wakes up, Israel may have committed war crimes during Gaza protests

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Over the killing of more than 200 Palestinians at Gaza, March of Return protests last year by Israeli occupation forces "IOF", the UN Commission of Inquiry stated on Thursday that Israel may have committed war crimes during the protests in Gaza.

Since the beginning of the Great March of Return, Israeli occupation forces use excessive force against the peaceful Palestinian protesters, killing more than 260, and injured more than 27,000.

Let’s go back to the first day of the Great March of Return when Israel killed 15 and nearly 1500 injured, according to the Ministry of Health.

Following the establishment of Israel, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion ordered the army to shoot and kill any Palestinian who dared cross the new borders to return to their land, Edo Konard, the deputy editor & writer at Israeli 972mag in a tweet, he added that 70 years later, the IDF is implementing the exact same policy at the Gaza's 'Great Return March.'

Human Rights Watch also protested “the shocking number of Palestinians killed and hurt” by Israeli forces on the first Friday of the Great March of Return.

Let’s also mentioned that the Human Rights Watch dismantles Israeli claims that the use of military snipers against civilian demonstrators was justified by a “terrorist” threat.

Let’s also don’t forget the comment made by Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, following the death of the Palestinian journalist Yaser Murtaja, shot while covering the protests in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, on 6 April.

He commented that “we’ve seen dozens of cases where Hamas terrorists used ambulances, dressed up as Red Crescent medical personnel, dressed up as journalists. We won’t take any chances. I think it’s clear to everyone that the [Israeli Defense Forces] is the most moral army in the world.”

As is clear, Israel justified the targeting of journalists, medics, civilians, and children that they are members of Hamas, while they were not armed or even hurt Israel.

Shoot and cheer

A video of soldiers filming themselves shooting a Palestinian protester in Gaza and then cheering emerged one day after the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court warned Israeli leaders that they may face trial over the killings of unarmed demonstrators.

Video: Israel’s cold-blooded killings in the Gaza ghetto

Ali Abu Nimah, an author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine, spoke to Ben Norton of The Real News about Israel’s premeditated and calculated killings of some 30 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in Great March of Return rallies in Gaza over on April 11, 2018.

Will Never Forget

May 14, 2018, Israel commits another massacre

Israeli forces massacred almost 60 Palestinian protesters who were marching along the boundaries of the besieged Gaza Strip, 2,800 injured, half were shot with live ammunition.

Gaza medic killed by Israel as she rescued injured

 Israeli occupation forces shot dead a volunteer medic and injured dozens of people as they continued their indiscriminate attacks on Palestinians taking part in Great March of Return protests in Gaza for the 10th consecutive Friday.

Razan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar, 21, was helping treat and evacuate wounded protesters east of Khan Younis when she was fatally shot on Jun 1, 2018.

And so many horrific, unprecedented crimes that the Israeli occupation forces committed against the Palestinians peaceful protester during the Great March of Return.

Saleh Higazi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International said:

“The UN must now follow through on its recommendations to gather information on alleged perpetrators that can be passed to national and international justice mechanisms, including the International Criminal Court. Those responsible for these deplorable crimes must not go unpunished.

“The findings of this report must pave the way for justice for victims of war crimes, and break the long-standing cycle of impunity for serious violations of international law by Israeli forces in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”
Israel must be prosecuted for the crimes have committed against Palestinian civilians, the world must wake up in the end. 

Finally, the UN Commission of Inquiry gives Palestinians in Gaza hope that their rights will not be forgotten.  

Palestinians will continue their struggle till the moment they free their country from the Israeli occupiers' hands. Every Friday, Gazans take part in the Great March of Return in an attempt to put pressure on Israel to break the suffocating siege imposed by it since more than 12 years.

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