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Israel tries to fool the world with its Global Language

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The Israel Project’s 2009 “Global Language Dictionary”.

By: Bahaa N. Abu Shammala

The Israeli project’s 2009 “Global Language Dictionary” is a real project to fool the whole world.

In this article, I will handle the first chapter which is titled “25 Rules for Effective Communication” and just 2 of these rules, to prove that Israel tries to fool the world by this project.

Information about the Israeli project “Global Language Dictionary”.

The author of this dictionary is the American political consultant Dr. Frank Luntz, he wrote the first edition in 2003, and its last one was in 2009.

This Israeli project was written to be offered as a guide to the visionary leaders who are defending the first line on the media war for Israel. So Israel intended to use this dictionary to defend their selves in front of the International community and the world when crimes are committed by them against the Palestinian people.

Jennifer Mizrahi the founder and president of the Israeli project said in a message he sent to those who will use this global dictionary of Israel: “May your words help bring peace and security to Israel and the Jewish people!”, in his message, he specified the process of peace and security just for Israel and the Jewish people and this is the first proof that Israel tries to fool the whole world through this project.

This project contains 24 chapters and 112 pages. Every chapter has a specific idea to talk about.

Finally, in every page of this dictionary, you will notice this statement is written at the end of every page, which is “Property of the Israel Project. Not for distribution or publication, 2009.”, and this is the second proof that Israel tries to fool the world with this project.

Chapter 1: 25 Rules For Effective Communication.

Israeli global dictionary started by this chapter, because as I think these 25 rules are the basis of the whole dictionary due to guide the specialists in their work of defending Israel in its media war.

Here we are. I will handle just 2 of these rules to prove to the world that Israel fools it by this project.

The first rule which is number one in the book is titled by “Persuadables won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Show Empathy for BOTH sides!”
The author here wants to show that persuadables don’t care about facts, but they care about what Israel calls for, and also he wants the visionary leaders who are defending the first line on the media war for Israel to show empathy for both sides, he means both the pro-Israelis who already love Israel and believe its decisions, and those who Israel can win their hearts and minds. And the author here mentioned the heart before minds, because naturally and scientifically if you win hearts, then you will control the minds.

An example of the messages of Israel which is used the empathy to win new hearts for love Israel.

“Israel is committed to a better future for everyone – Israelis and Palestinians alike. Israel wants the pain and suffering to end and is committed to working with the Palestinians toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution where both sides can have a better future. Let this be a time of hope and opportunity for both the Israeli and the Palestinian people.”

If any pro-Israeli read this, he will believe in that immediately, also persuadables can believe this message if they read it without investigation, and the one who doesn’t know about The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he will ask: “Should I believe in this?”

Then the true answers that you shouldn’t believe in that because of the Israeli-Zionist regime are based on racial discrimination, and the best proof of this is the apartheid wall separating Palestinians from Israelis in the occupied territories.

I will merely respond to this Israeli rule “propaganda” by this answer and this photo, and let you world judge if this Israeli project fools you or not?!

The second rule which is number three in the book is titled by “Clearly differentiate between the Palestinian people and Hamas.”

Divide and rule is the goal of the Israeli project in this global dictionary. Israel wants to show the world and the Palestinian themselves that Hamas is a terrorist group like ISIS.

First, this Israeli global dictionary fools the world and especially the American people by mentioned that “Right now, many Americans sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, and that sympathy will increase if you fail to differentiate the people from their leaders.” So it’s clearly called for publishing the propaganda about Palestine and Palestinian leaders, and if those who defend Israeli in the media war failed in differentiating the people from their leaders in front of the International community and the world, so they will lose the public support.

Second Hamas is a resistance movement which is founded in 1984 by the disabled Shiek Ahmad Yassen, to defend the Palestinian rights and to resist the Israeli occupation and its crimes against the Palestinian residents in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

So Hamas was never a terrorist organization. Hamas is contained from Palestinians who are fighting for defending their homeland and their people.

Along the history, Hamas proves to the world that they are just a resistance movement. To prove that I made a search for some statistics of killing women and children on both sides, the Israeli occupation and the Hamas resistance movement which shows that Israel kills thousands of Palestinian unarmed women and children, but I found no information about if Hamas killed any Israeli women or children, so which of them is the terrorist organization?!
Third that my final proof that Israel fools the world is this picture which shows how the Palestinian people, especially children love Hamas.

So Israel seeks to publish its propaganda in the world, to show that they are the victims and the Palestinian people are the aggressors. But all the world knows that Israel occupied Palestine 70 years ago. So I ask the world to investigate anything before believing it, especially if it was from Israel.

Please, don’t be foolish and believe Israeli propaganda.

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